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Description: "Our premier year-long program designed for deep, transformative healing. It blends one-on-one energy healing sessions with comprehensive life coaching, focusing on releasing negative emotions and enhancing personal and financial success."

Includes: Bi-weekly private energy clearings, group Reiki sessions, monthly resources, and access to a private online forum.


Description: "A nurturing program offering a supportive community where women meet bi-weekly for live group Reiki sessions. It's packed with practical tips, tools, and resources, fostering profound connections and shared healing."

Includes: 12 months of personalized 1-on-1 sessions, bi-weekly group sessions, monthly custom "tapping" scripts, and an online support forum.


Description: "This program serves as your gateway to self-exploration and balance. It provides access to monthly video trainings, recorded meditations, journal prompts, and an exclusive online community for ongoing support."

Includes: Monthly video trainings, meditations, journaling prompts, and membership in a private online community.

Individual Services:

Single Energy Sessions:

Personalized energy healing sessions tailored to address your specific needs. These sessions work to balance your energy, release blockages, and promote a sense of wellbeing.

Beginner Meditations:

Perfect for those new to meditation. These guided sessions are designed to introduce the basics of meditation, helping you to find peace, balance, and focus.

Guided Meditations:

Deepen your meditation practice with our guided sessions. These are designed to help you explore various meditation techniques and find deeper levels of relaxation and self-awareness.

(720) 507-8684‬

(720) 507-8684‬

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Join our Newsletter for the Latest in Wellness and Empowerment

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